The PeRSo 1 System comprises an H32 half hood, blower unit, breathing hose, integrated battery, charger and flow gauge. The blower unit features a high capacity integrated battery, low battery/airflow alarm, and is supplied fitted with an H13 HEPA PTFE filter. Affixing to the waist, with an ergonomic lumbar support, the unit is lightweight and comfortable for use throughout extended working periods - with a battery life of at least 12 hours.


The H32 hood is good for applications where users may wish to use a telephone or stethoscope and need access to their ears. The hood works which a large variety of loupes.


The PeRSo 1 has been CE certified by BSI to EN12941 TH2, and meets the requirements as setout by the HSE in the HSG53 guidance document, to be used against Covid-19.

PeRSo 1 System with H32 Hood