PeRSo Respirator

Building PeRSo respirators for
NHS frontline staff

The PeRSo project is a collaboration between the University of Southampton, University Hospital Southampton, Wessex Academic Health Science Network and INDO on behalf of Baynhams. For more information about the history of the project, please click here.

In April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic created a global shortage of personal protective equipment with significant challenges in the supply chain for adequate provision of typical multi-layered fabric face masks. Disposable face masks have limited success in the emergency environment with frequent failure during use and loss of appropriate protection against the virus whilst wearing. HSE guidance (HSG53) recommends that disposable face masks are used for <1 hour of continuous use, whereas PAPRs (powered air purifying respirators) are recommended for >1 hour of continuous use.

PeRSo 3 with H32 Hood

PeRSo 1

Value and performance combined

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CE 740159

INDO Baynhams PeRSo 1 with H32 hood

Emergency service personnel are the frontline defence against the pandemic. To ensure success in delivering long-term sustained patient care, a more effective and reliable solution to traditional face mask PPE is required. It must address the issues of poor fit and significantly increase performance to ensure protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Communication is easier through a face shield with additional protection properties provided to the wearer and improvement in patient care. Use of PAPRs within the health care sector in South Korea and Singapore has proven to dramatically reduce the infection rate of healthcare workers when compared with infection rates of healthcare workers using multi-layered fabric face masks in Spain and Italy.

Based on the initial designs carried out by the University of Southampton, Baynhams is proud to offer the PeRSo range of respirators.

Both PeRSo 1 and PeRSo 3.2 have received full type approval from BSI.

View upgrade training videos for PeRSo 3 here.

PeRSo 3

Functionality and performance

INDO Baynhams PeRSo 3 with H32 hood

Two Hood Options

Full overhead - H31

H31 PeRSo Hood

Exposed ears - H32

H32 PeRSo Hood

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